What Do the Colored Bjj Belts Mean?


I have always enjoyed asking different black belt instructors what each of the different belt colors meant in brazilian jiu-jitsu.

There is no set criteria or curriculum that determines when one student should become a blue or purple belt amongst different bjj schools.

There are however, general characteristics I have observed within the various belt levels and I would like to break them down for you.
And an important question many new belts ask is: “What should I be working on?”

white belt

1) White belt
The belt of discovery and survival.
White belts are primarily:
– accumulating moves in the various major ground positions
– learning and drilling the correct mechanics of individual techniques
– concentrating on escapes and survival on the bottom
Every class brings a new solution for a rolling problem that the new student is experiencing.
The complexity of bjj is both exciting and overwhelming!

bjj blue belt

2) Blue Belt
The belt of experimentation.
Bluebelts should have an understanding of the basic techniques and positions and are now exploring advanced variations (ex. different guard styles).
I see many bluebelts falling in love with different guard games and spending a lot of training time learning what type of guard is going to be part of their game.
In order to start developing your personal game, you are going to have to run experiments to find what fits your style.

Blue belts are also starting to specialize in a preferred submission and may be a belt level or two higher in certain positions!

purple belt

3) Purple Belt
The belt of “A Game” development.
It is said that by the time a student reaches purple belt, that they have seen all of the techniques that a black belt knows (although not to the same depth or detail!)
By purple belt the student knows what their game is and now is developing setups and combination attacks.

They have set aside techniques that do not suit their personal game and focus on getting razor sharp in their strong areas.
Purple belt is a good time to honestly assess one’s weaknesses and fill in those holes,.

brown belt

4) Brown Belt
The belt of refinement.
The brown belt knows his game and seeks to tighten every one of their techniques – even the basics!
They develop multiple routes to their favorite techniques and employ more advanced strategies like baiting the opponent into exactly what they want.
Brown belts should also be looking to bring up lagging areas of their game to a competent level.

Brown belt was the most fun belt for my own bjj as I was able to control the rolling with most opponents and attempt new moves or variations that I had learned that same class that I learned them.
I also worked hard to correct the weakness in my rear mount and concentrated my training on the back for a full year.

black belt

5) Black Belt
The belt of mastery.
Few black belts will describe themselves as masters and instead become aware of how truly deep the art of brazilian jiu-jitsu is!
I think it is false modesty for a black belt to say “Now is when the learning truly starts” as anyone who has been absolutely smashed by a black belt can directly attest how much the black belt has already mastered!
bjj belts

A black belt has deep understanding of the basic techniques, many advanced variations and most importantly: uses the principles of jiu-jitsu to execute those same techniques with the most efficient timing, leverage and precision.
The black belts I speak with say that they are experimenting with positions that they knew but did not have deep understanding of, starting to perform techniques on BOTH left and right sides.

What belt are you currently?


  1. Brown (2+ years) and I’m terrified of even thinking about going to black. Although I have always trained all techniques on both sides.

  2. Black – I haven’t trained for a few weeks and before that.. a few months… but whenever I’m on the mats I feel at home.. I’ll try to go back home – to the mats.. today

  3. White belt with 6 months regular attendance. Loving it but also frequently getting frustrated with the learning curve. Just keep showing up.

  4. Two stripe white. Looking at going tou first compaction I’m less than two months. Totle submission challenge. Scared nervous and a little under confadent but may change I’m two months.

  5. No strip white. 1 month in and getting owned regularly, lol. Learning a lot though and having fun 80% of the time. Frustrated the other 20%

  6. Received my Blue Belt last month and now the higher belts dont take it easy on me. I get wooped on the daily, Feeling blessed to just be able to survive the rounds with no injuries.

  7. I got my blue 9/23/2017 at 52 years of age Jiu jitsu keeps me going I have arthritis and it keeps me moving got my weight down and my blood presure down to good levels OSS


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