Modern Jiu-Jitsu Is Not For Street Fight

Jiu jitsu is an excellent martial art to enjoy that can help provide your body with a wide variety of different health benefits. Not only are the exercises involved with this style of fighting very intensive and beneficial, but the lifestyle that is promotes in general places strong emphasis on personal improvement. Individuals who study jiu jitsu will find that jiu jitsu is a wide variety of different things, but one thing that it is not is a particularly versatile style of fighting outside of the ring. While it may teach some basic elements of self defense, it is not a very good style of fighting to engage in for entirely candid reasons.

kick on head

Despite this, however, there are many individuals on the internet who do not showcase why Jiu-Jitsu is not suitable for street fighting. Many people will claim that this style of fighting is excellent in all situations, claiming that it is perfect for self defense, while others yet may even aggressively market it as the most effective martial art. The face of the matter is that this is simply not true, and top practitioners in the field who enjoy this style of fighting agree. Because of the way that jiu jitsu is structured, almost all fights will ultimately end up on the ground, which could be a large mistake in a street setting. If individuals are not careful and apply such principles to street fighting, they may find themselves in serious danger, simply because of how many unknown factors are involved in the equation.

One of the main reasons that this style of fighting may not be immediately utilized as a style of self defense is because it is very rarely taught with self defense in mind. In the vast majority of different jiu jitsu clubs, the study of self defense is almost universally ignored, and the application of vital throws and takedowns is approached with a relatively minimalist application. This means that this style of fighting simply lacks the versatility to be used in any truly offensive environment, as it can end up harming the practitioner if they are not careful and take control of all of the elements in such a situation.

While the application of a variety of different techniques was able to enrich the style of fighting on a more technical level, there are many elements that do not allow it to be used in practical settings. In order for any martial art to be utilized in an outside setting, it will need to be aggressive enough to immediately terminate any risks before the practitioner can be harmed. This is simply not the case with jiu jitsu, as it lacks the appropriate offensive techniques to end fights quickly. The lack of emphasis on take downs in this style of fighting means that it will not be able to be used in situations quickly enough to diffuse them. As such, if you are interested in learning jiu jitsu for self defense reasons, it can be a good idea to try and find a specific school.


  1. Actually, though the article has an appearance of of being unbiased, it is not thorough enough to support the thesis that Jiu-Jitsu is not suitable for street fighting. Every street fight is situational. There could be one attacker alone late at night or a gang of attackers. In the first case, a good base in Judo or Jiu-Jitsu is essential and in the second case, unless you're Batman you should run like Forest Gump. No martial art will be effective against overwhelming numbers. In any case, you should NEVER fight on the street unless there is no escape. And if that is the case, you should fear for your life and respond accordingly. I've been training in Jiu-Jitsu for 8 years, a purple belt under the Carlos Gracie Jr. lineage. I've fought guys in the gym with all different sorts of martial arts backgrounds, including Krav Maga (which I have great respect for) and in all cases, once a jab or kick has be parried or slipped the clinch is on and I win…every time. And whether you are knocked out or choked out, the same end awaits you…you might as well be dead.

  2. Great article. But remember Jujitsu was born on the battle fields by the samurai, and it is also used by the Japanese police for arrests. Some of the professors such as Professor Tumara, Professor Valez, Professor Soto, Professor Vee, Professor Wally Jay, Professor George Kirby, Along with Grand Master Helio Gracie and his sons. And Grand Master Valente and his sons. Have all worked to show the greatness of Jujitsu, be it Japanese jujitsu or Brazilian Jujitsu. Believe in it, it will save your life in more ways then one. Thank you

  3. I sincerely doubt this is unbiased. I think what were seeing here is a division between the gracie mentality that jiu jitsu is good for the street if practiced properly, and the keenan cornelius sport crowd who are taking it in another direction through tournament culture. I like watching keenan, but the propaganda he and many others are spouting is very misleading. Jiu jitsu is not just my hobby, it's something that I trust to save me if I ever need it to. OR, maybe the jiu jitsu times is a simple network of internet trolls within the jiu jitsu community. maybe they just think its funny to see outraged responses. keep them coming, anyways.


  5. Look up Gracie challenge dummy. Jiujitsu vs everything else. Also written obviously by someone who has never even been in a fight. He's right maybe crane kick or a death ouch might be better. Loser

  6. Yes but jujitsu at the time on the battle field had honor and at that time was Japanese jujitsu where judo throws and stand up techniques are used bjj always trains on guard position. Not much stand up or striking or throws.. mostly shooting and take downs . Do you agree?

  7. Simple way to solve this conundrum. Go to any reputable school and take the Gracie challenge. It's been an open invitation for decades. See how you leave. If you really want I'm sure theyd be more than happy to meet you on the street.

  8. Good point, the major difference between bjj and traditional japanese jujitsu is one is a martial art while the other is more sport based. Wrist locks only taught to higher belts are commonplace in the lower belts in japanese jujitsu. And the reason for the lack of strikes is why would you want to punch or kick armour and risk breaking something

  9. It's all situational of course. Complete jujitsu is good. But a lot of "jujitsu" schools are just cashing in on teaching sport fighting. I've known more then one people trained in mma style jujitsu who got busted up out in public cause they're ego was overly inflated and didn't even occur to them to look out for a surprise attack from one of their opponents friends. True story

  10. Most people have forgotten about traditional Ju Jitsu and have just concentrated on the grappling side of it for contest.

  11. In a one on one fight Bjj is a massive advantage. But that's where it ends. If there is more then one attacker don't hom down no matter what

  12. Why not have a jujitsu class in real environment like at a club or in a parking lot???? I think this can help so much or go against a guy with a knife or two. Or a bat.. and in a car. Or with water splashed in your face or in the snow or rain.. … In a restaurant or in real life enviorments. It' would be so beneficial To the art..

  13. i study jiujitsu and i respect all martial arts but if you look at every proven fight with jiujitsu .. they dominated the other arts cause it was in a environment where it was comfortable to the jiujitsu player.. not lets say it was in the street pavement on hot pavement or what have you.. i am sure the stately would change.. there is no one perfect combat way of winning. the best way to win a fight is not fight. bt if you must … make it clean precise and effective…..street fighting is very different.. dirty fighting is very different. and if you are serious about being a warrior well warriors fight for blood.. so i would stay away from that terminology .. I'm a student of the martial skills and i will always respect ALL the methods and ideas and concepts..

  14. I've been in the MA since the mid 70's and a Police Officer since 1979. In the early 90's I began training with the Gracie's in Torrance. (Royce, Rorion & Helio style). Soon after encounters on the street became much more manageable, more easy to deal with and less fearfulful of being injured. I think some confuse the sport aspect with the original old school. If I have to remain in my feel it's going to be knees, elbows, head butts and the Gracie stand up self defense.

  15. This article is the most intelligently written bullshit I've read pretty much all year. It basically says its not suitable for reason unknown and other than that it's not acceptable form of self defense because its not taught as self defense. I think whoever wrote this is an intelligent person yet they are very uninformed of what they are talking about

  16. I have read the article its good article and read also all of the responses all have a point and all are corect! but keep in mind us well in the ring 100 more times in the streets if you dont have the heart to fight just run i have treaned my sealf in hal moo hap ki do, mui thai, krav maga, box wean i foght in numberous of sitsuations on the street none of my training tecnicks mater 1-2 most 3 it is not your own adrenaline and psycology its your enemy /enemies its not training or ring heating enemy your puches weel heart your fear weel overcome you the smell of your own blood in your nose the taste of your own blood in your mouth the deasines of the heats you got, and the one thowght i must leave. SO to finish my thessis its not the fighting stile and what fighting style is well suited for the streets…every person is unique and must search to find hes or her fighting style to each and evry one off us its not this is better or this is worse is how you use it and what your heart say. YOU NEVER GONNA BE PREPARED FOR THE STREETS. GYM IS NOT STREETS FORGET IT!

  17. As with most things, balance is important. Staying focused in wrestling arts will have the same shortcomings as staying focused in striking arts. One should train across multiple arts in order to develop proficiency on both the ground and on one's feet.

  18. If you don't know self defense, you dont know jiu jitsu. – Rickson Gracie

    You need to find a better school to train in.

  19. I agree that takedowns are a critical, yet frequently overlooked skill in many BJJ gyms. What good is being an amazing ground fighter if you can't reliably get the fight to the ground? It's like becoming an expert marksman but not learning how to load your gun.

    Good gyms integrate wrestling/judo takedowns to form more well-rounded grapplers…

  20. I’m a JJJ black belt, and we have a lot of rolling in our style as well, enough to say if one night I go out and get attack and accidentally fall to the ground witch is self defense in any case I would probably win the fight against a non martial artist. First let me clarify what is self defense vs BJJ. BJJ regulate on the grip and it is in your advantage to bring that guy on the ground coz it’s where you are strong at…like karate is strong at striking and keeping distance and would be in real trouble if toss on the ground and get pin..most people on the street gangster scrub, worthless POS…if you get attack on the street by a black belt, then that black belt don’t deserve is belt coz the first rule of any martial art is avoiding the fight, Maybe you’ll get one that know how to throw some punches or did some martial arts a couple months to say, but I can tell you both style will win in those situations, I don’t think it’s fare to compare both coz in reality they are not similar, one is more base on self defense “strikes, throws and control. The other is more sportsman and the ground is where the fight will end. But the question is..what if there is more then one person attacking you? Do you really want to go to an arm bar in that situation? You on the ground and still one guy up? That’s where JJJ is at its strongest, strike strike throw break and pass to the next. I can tell you that BJJ will win 100% against a JJJ on the ground if the fight go there but the question is how much you need to know to hold your ground. I rolled with blue and purple BJJ people and we’ve been rolling enough in my classes and after hour training to hold my ground against them. Can I say I will win? Most of the time probably not, but giving him a hard time…? Yes. To finalize I think a mix of both is essential in both discipline. But I do not regret those years of JJJ lessons.


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