Winner Taps Out In MMA Fight In Perfect Display Of Sportsmanship

An opponent dropped out of an amateur MMA bout, and Jeremy Raser agreed to take the open spot. Unfortunately, he scheduled himself in that fight four hours before the bell. His opponent was Mike Pantangco, and Pantangco rocked him early on. Raser may or may not have gotten a single solid hit on his opponent. Instead of beating on Raser for the victory, Pantangco tapped out.

He forfeited the fight and later explained his sound reasoning. Pantangco mentioned that records mean little for amateur fighters, and he didn’t think he would gain from pounding Raser down. Plus, amateur MMA fighters aren’t protected with healthcare from their promotions, and Pantangco didn’t want to send Raser to the ER. A winner taps out in MMA figh sounds improbable, but it happened for the most honorable of reasons.

See the video below!


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