Woman Uses BJJ To Fight Crohn’s Disease

Photo of Kimberly Kaye: used with permission of Eric Kowal

Both Kimberly Kaye and her husband Ray train at NOLA BJJ in New Orleans.

But it isn’t only a love of BJJ that keeps Kimberly coming back. Kaye has Crohn’s disease, an inflammatory bowel disease that caused her to stop her martial arts training completely at one point:

“I was diagnosed in 2012,” she told MMA News. “I had had stomach pain, acid reflux, burning in my stomach and abdomen, miserable diarrhea, joint swelling and pain, and about a 15 lb., weight loss when I first showed up in a doctor’s office. I could barely eat, my training had stopped entirely. I felt like I needed a nap 24/7 and hurt all over. My nutrition sucks because suddenly I was intolerant to any whey or milk proteins. I’d never had problems with any of that before.”

BJJ, however, is helping Kaye – a blue belt – put some of that weight back on:

We used Peak BioBoost and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to rehab my body and put muscle and weight back on me over the course of another and and a half years. I went from 103 lbs., of total atrophy to 130 lbs., of muscle and earning my blue belt.

However, that’s not all. BJJ and MMA have helped Kaye “survive the pain of the symptoms and rebuild fastest.”

Unfortunately, life has gotten tougher Kimberly Kaye. The BJJ blue belt was hit with a kidney disease, and she needs your help with it.

You can support her GoFundMe page here.


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