World Champ Lucas Lepri On How To NOT Get Swept

World champion Lucas Lepri managed to get through the 2016 and 2017 competition circuits without having a single point scored on him. 

For you newcomers, yes. That means for two full years against the the top black belts on the planet, Lepri was never swept, toppled, smashed, nada. In this video with Bernardo Faria he attributes that serious superlative to his base and balance. 

As the two chat, you’ll hear that Lepri isn’t some yogic level balance guru so much as he’s got a gift for flowing and body mechanics. He highlights the importance of getting your hips above your head, as well as not balling up tight and resisting what your opponent tries to the point you become as rigid and easy to tip over as a cow in a cold field. 

And if you’re someone who gets caught in the web of opponents constantly (*raises own hand*), rejoice: Bernardo drops at the top that Lepri’s “Science of Guard Passing” video series is forthcoming. 


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