This Could Be The Worst Fake Martial Arts Demonstration In The History Of Fake Martial Arts

We never thought it was possible to be bad at fake martial arts. After all, how can you be bad at something that is bad in and of itself?

The people in this video, though, may have found a way. Not only are the “martial arts” completely ridiculous, but the acting isn’t even convincing. Just look at the way the instructor has his student do a twirling airplane move towards the middle of the video.

Could this be the worst demonstration of fake martial arts ever? If it isn’t, we here at the Jiu-Jitsu Times are having a hard time imagining how anything could do worse?  In fact, we’re hoping this is a joke, but wouldn’t be surprised if it weren’t.

Check out the video below and be ready for a mix of horror and side-splitting laughter.

Let’s play pretend #Rolljunkie #McDojoLife

Posted by Mcdojolife on Tuesday, December 26, 2017


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