Yoel Romero Faces Possible Sanctions After USADA Drug Test

Yoel Romero’s MMA career is on the rise. He has never been defeated in any of his UFC fights with his last win being a tightly contested match against Jacare Souza. His name is even being mentioned in a possible title clash against the middleweight champ. Now everything is in jeopardy as Yoel Romero gets popped by USADA.

It was an out of competition test before his UFC 194 match. Tests of his sample returned suspicious results and now he faces potential violation sanctions. The UFC has already been notified of the matter by the anti-doping organization. USADA will be in-charge of the case as they have the technical expertise and experience to investigate the matter.

Romero’s camp is still gathering information as of this time. No sanctions have been given as this is still the early stages of the process. It should be noted that a violation is yet to be confirmed conclusively.


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