You Won’t Find This Secret Carlson Gracie Triple Attack Anywhere Else

Source: YouTube

Back in the dark, preYouTube days of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, each team had their secret techniques and tricks that were not widely known outside of that academy.

One of those techniques was the first attack combination that I learned, back in 1997. The Carlson Gracie triple attack from mount. Recently I showed the position in class at my academy and performed a Google search for the Carlson version of the triple attack and came up with zero results.

I even asked several of my black belt instructor friends if they remembered the old school classic Carlson Gracie triple attack and their memories were hazy.

I felt compelled to make some videos and share.

Here is the classic attack combination the way I learned it from Professor Marcus Soares of Carlson Gracie Team Vancouver, Canada.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


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