Yuri Simoes Courting MMA Contract As He Recovers From Knee Surgery

It could be the feel-good comeback story of 2020. Or 2021. All ONE FC has to do is say “yes.”

Yuri Simoes, Caio Terra BJJ general manager and standout grappling champ, just underwent knee surgery last week. Injured while on target to add a third ADCC victory to his resume back in September, the fighter is currently in the midst of rehabilitating that injury so he can go on to make the MMA debut he’s dreamed of for years now. Students and fans are so behind Simoes getting his shot that a fundraiser was started by community members to help Simoes not go broke in the midst of rehab.

Earlier this week, Simoes took to Instagram to drum up support and get ONE FC’s attention, stating that:

ONE FC has not responded just yet. But given that Simoes has proven his ability to come back from injury as a lethal asset before, they should.

Simoes had originally announced his intent to transition to MMA back in 2016, having already won about as many BJJ medals as one mantle can hold. This effort was thwarted by a torn ACL and meniscus. By 2017, however, he was already back at the top of the ADCC podium, which is impressive sh** right there.

Here’s hoping it comes together for one of the hardest working men in combat sports.


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