Garry Tonon’s Return To F2W Puts The World’s Most Exciting Grappler On The BJJ World’s Most Entertaining Stage

Garry Tonon has earned the unofficial title of the “World’s Most Exciting Grappler,” with heavy emphasis placed on the word “earned.” Tonon is making his return to the Fight 2 Win stage tonight for their 132nd event, and fans are pumped up not only for the fact that he’ll be facing off against ADCC champ and UFC fighter Davi Ramos, but also because, hey, it’s Garry Tonon.

Even in today’s constantly evolving sub-only scene, there are very few grapplers who can command an audience’s attention on the mats quite like Tonon does. Yes, his jiu-jitsu is great from a purely technical standpoint, but it’s also entertaining. Tonon is quick, creative, and efficient, and while his off-the-mat antics are certainly helpful in powering the hype machine, his accomplishments on the mats are plenty enough to speak for themselves.

Over the past couple of years, MMA fans who may not have previously known about Tonon’s reputation in jiu-jitsu have been introduced to his action-packed style and ability to finish his opponents before the clock runs out. Tonon is now 5-0 in his professional MMA career (all with ONE Championship), with three submission wins and two TKOs now on his resume, with only one taking place as late as the third round.

Still, as fun as it’s been to watch Tonon’s grappling success transfer over to the cage, the jiu-jitsu world has missed seeing what he could do against the top dogs of grappling. And when Tonon did make his return to grappling, he (fittingly) went all-out. Rather than taking a single superfight, he threw himself right into the most elite grappling competition in the world. Seeing Tonon make ADCC his chosen comeback tournament wasn’t exactly a surprise — anything else would’ve seemed uncharacteristic of him — but rather a gentle reminder that this is an athlete at the top of his game who chooses his battles accordingly.

Tonon came home with a bronze medal and two performance awards, and tonight, he’ll be back in action for F2W 132. He’s currently undefeated for the promotion, and we haven’t seen him on the stage since 2017. It’s only fitting, then, that he’s making his return against a legend like Ramos, traveling all the way to Hawaii to do so. Tonon will have his work cut out for him, and spectators will be treated to a main event that is sure to deliver the level of entertainment and elite skill that Fight 2 Win and Tonon are known for. It’s the perfect recipe for a can’t-miss match, and anyone watching is in for a treat.

Watch Tonon vs. Ramos, plus many other exciting matches when F2W 132 streams live tonight on FloGrappling!


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