10 Most BRUTAL Martial Arts Trainings

Here’s a list of the 10 Most BRUTAL Martial Arts Trainings:

1. Sitting nude in the snow or standing under an icy waterfall

2. Repeatedly kicking objects with your shins or having other students kick your shins to strengthen them

3. Balancing on two pillars in a seated position with no chair and a sharpened spear under your bottom while balancing a bowl on your head

4. Taking rope and hanging from a pole or the ceiling

5. Hanging from a bar and being hit in the stomach

6. Being trampled, beaten with wooden poles, and having cinder blocks smashed on your stomach

7. Punching hard things in order to strengthen bones in the hands

8. Being hung off the edge of a cliff

9. Being kicked in the crotch repeatedly

10. Tying heavy weights to the testicles and dragging it around



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