Ten Tips To Survive Your First Year In Jiu Jitsu

Many people are interested in learning how to fight with Jiu Jitsu and make the best of their routines. No matter whether you plan on joining the sport in order to better your body, or to fight competitively against others, it is always a good idea to consider the following 10 tips to survive your first year in Jiu Jitsu.


1.The first thing that you need to remember is that your ego will have no place in the gym. Everyone may have different reasons for fighting, but you should always respect your opponent and keep your expectations level if you want to excel.

2.Do not be afraid to socialize and make some friends. Training with others is one of the most rewarding aspects of this sport, as it will allow you to watch each other’s progress and set milestones and goals to aspire towards.

3.As such, it can always be a good idea to find a good sparring partner that you can regularly fight with in order to learn more about actively keeping up with your opponents in terms of moves and training.

4.Remember that there is no shame in tapping either. Tap early and often whenever you need to, because it will mean that you have more time to get back into a spar with minimal injuries. Do not be stubborn, as it can cost you precious training time.

5.Remember that you should always take the time to train when you need to. When you are ready to proceed in the field, you will be able to apply yourself better, but always remember that you need to dedicate yourself to training in order to do it right.

6.Always drill whenever you can. Drilling will help you commit to muscle memory and allow you to move more instinctively. Drilling is especially useful when you learn about what movements will be most effective in what situations.

7.Remember to warm up and stretch before and after every exercise, as you will need to avoid injury and stress to your muscles as often as possible. With the right training approach, you will be able to fight more efficiently.

8.Remember to take notes and keep those notes with you whenever you learn something new or would like to try something new out in the fighting ring.

9.Remember that as slowly as you are training and as slow as progress seems to be moving, it will come. All that you have to do is dedicate yourself.

10.Set small goals and reach them as often as possible, and see how easy it can be to proceed with the right motivation behind all of your steady training. The right approach will always yield the right results, ones that can help you achieve what you want.


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