6’8″ Bodybuilder & Actor Martyn Ford Returns To BJJ

The reopening of Gracie Barra Sutton Coldfield in the UK is generally good news, unless you have any chance of coming across actor and bodybuilder Martyn Ford in competition.

That’s right — the 6’8″ athlete has trained jiu-jitsu for a few years now, and with the gym open again, he’s back in the gi and rolling once more.

Ford is “just a white belt,” but this is hardly his first day on the mats — he’s been training since at least the beginning of 2016 and is signed with the KSW MMA promotion for an upcoming fight.

Ford is known not only for his size and physique, but also for his background story. Once an up-and-coming cricket player, he was sidelined after an injury and illness and rededicated his focus to bodybuilding.

Now that he’s back to training BJJ, Ford will have the technical skill building to back up his size and strength.


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