84-Year-Old Former Wrestler Demonstrates Takedown Technique On Purple Belt Grandson

Some wrestlers and grapplers truly are lifelong athletes… and many go on to practice their love of their sport to future generations.

84-year-old Les Turner is among these dedicated athletes, and his grandson, Logan Stout, has followed in his footsteps. Turner wrestled through college and coached for three decades, while Stout wrestled in high school and is currently a BJJ purple belt and coach at Stout Training in Pittsburgh, PA.

Check out these two generations coming together as Turner demonstrates how to do a duckunder-to-breakdown technique on his grandson. If this doesn’t inspire you to push yourself more in training, nothing will.

Les Turner is 84 years old. He was a good college wrestler and an outstanding high school wrestling coach for 30 plus years @brookville_wrestling . He shows a simple version of a duck under with a breakdown on his Grandson @loganhunterstout. Logan was a standout wrestler for Brookville and is currently an instructor and upcoming #jiujitsu and #submissiongrappling competitor @stoutpgh in #pittsburgh. Not all wrestling techniques translate well to other #combatsports. These techniques do! #wrestling #takedowntechniques #jiujitsutechniques #stouttraining

Posted by Stout Training Pittsburgh – Renzo Gracie Team on Wednesday, August 8, 2018


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