Actor Jonah Hill Celebrates His One-Year Jiu-Jitsu Anniversary

Image Source: Kenny Florian via Instagram

The number of celebrities training jiu-jitsu seems to be increasing by the day, offering widespread promotion for our martial art. Not every superstar, however, is consistent with their training. For example, some actors just train jiu-jitsu when they’re preparing for a role that requires them to have a handle on ground fighting. Others, though, keep up with their BJJ year-round.

21 Jump Street actor Jonah Hill is among the celebrity jiu-jitsu practitioners who has apparently kept up with his training, and yesterday, he completed one whole year of jiu-jitsu.

The anniversary was shared by Hill’s coach, Kenny Florian, on Instagram:

“Today marks the 1 year anniversary of Mr. @jonahhill ‘s journey into #JiuJitsu and I’m extremely impressed and proud to witness his progress & dedication as a student of this challenging art. This dude is as genuine and friendly as they come and it’s a true honor to have him at @merakibjj It’s never too late to be a student of something new.”

As anyone who’s been training BJJ for a while knows, that first year can feel like a decade, especially when you don’t know anything and everyone’s beating you up all the time. Hill’s milestone, while not that large in the grand scheme of things, is still a great personal accomplishment.


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