ADCC West Coast Trials Brackets Are Up!


Bring on the submissions.

2019’s ADCC West Coast Trials are nigh, kicking off on February 9th in Los Angeles in the run toward the World Championship title. With over 300 competitors signed up, eyes will be on “fighters to watch” like Jon Calestine, Junny Ocasio, John Combs, Thomas Keenan, Richie Martinez, Josh Hinger, James Brasco, Roberto Jiminez, Nick Schrock, Mario Gonzalez, Elisabeth Clay, Rita Gribben, Breanna Stikkelmen, Raquel Canuto…honestly, just check out the brackets:

Male -77kg (a)

Male -77kg (b)

Male -88kg

Male -99kg

Male +99kg

Female -60kg

Female +60kg


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