AJ Agazarm: Rocha ‘Should Take His Black Belt Off And Turn It In’

Floridian BJJ black belt AJ Agazarm is disgusted with his Fight To Win Pro 14 (F2WPRO) opponent, Vagner Rocha.

“A guy that hits someone in the face and, when he turns his back after wanting a reset, kicks him off the mats, you should take your black belt off and turn it in,” Agazarm said of Rocha, who kicked him off the mat at F2WPRO 14 this weekend.

Though the cheap shot came as a surprise to viewers all over the world who tuned into the event last Saturday, Agazarm was not surprised by his opponent’s behavior.

I knew inevitably the character of Vagner would be revealed . . . it’s like a time bomb: sooner or later it’s going to go off.

Yet it wasn’t the kick or even the (later overturned) decision loss that disappointed AJ.  What he wanted most was to showcase the art he loved in front of his friends, family, and hometown crowd; and he felt that Vagner’s behavior prevented him from doing that, even though the crowd constantly chanted “AJ” throughout the match.

Despite his disappointment with Saturday’s outcome, Agazarm did not close the doors on a possible rematch against his bitter rival. However, he said certain conditions would have to be met.

If I were to fight Vagner again, I think that there would have to be a serious change in his behavior . . . I mean, you all saw it. It’s disgusting.

You can watch Agazarm’s entire video below.

MUST WATCH: AJ Agazarm Disgusted With Vagner Rocha. http://www.flograppling.com/video/996639-a-devastated-aj-agazarm-speaks-from-the-heart-i-was-raised-better-than-that

Posted by FloGrappling on Monday, October 3, 2016


  1. Rocha didn’t hit “someone in the face”, he swiped with his hand. These sort of moves are also common in wrestling, another art without strikes, and a fact AJ should be well-acquainted with.

    Rocha should not have kicked him. However, many arts see it as a severe display of disrespect to turn your back on your opponent. This is a great example of why you should never do that.


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