AJ Agazarm Says He’ll Choke Vagner Rocha Until He Drools

There is no love lost between multiple-time Pan-Am champion AJ Agazarm and former UFC contender Vagner Rocha. Agazarm made that clear in an Instagram post earlier today.

To all fans of grappling The place to be seen Is down here in Florida Fight to Win 14 I've travelled all around the globe Stretched jobbers near & far But there's a special guy (You know who you are) You disrespected me You acted like a fool The time has come to pay for that As I choke you 'til you drool You'll gag on the pain of this defeat Like it's a bitter pill You're here in MY backyard, you dope You ain't back in Brazil As your eyelids start to flutter At you, the Ref'll be lookin' As you get a hearty, healthy, taste Of Agazarm's home cookin' The heat is on, I'll smoke you soon You'll have no time for bitchin' You're gonna learn the night we fight There's no "Roach"-es in my kitchen -AJ Agazarm "the 2nd Shakespeare"

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Agazarm and Rocha are expected to face off at Fight To Win Pro 14, which is set to go down in Tampa, Florida, on October 1.  Florida is the state both competitors call home, though Vagner was born in Brazil.

The match will be a 10-minute, submission-only gi bout. Judges will render a decision if no submission takes place in the allotted 10-minute time slot.


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