Another side of jiujitsu: health insurance

I was perusing the groups I’m a member of, and a very interesting conversation was taking place. Listen, we train and commence on this journey for reasons of our own. Some of us want to make JiuJitsu our life; work, train & compete are jiujitsu… Heck social life and fun are jiujitsu!
So in this particular group, the question of insurance had come up.
I hate to be a party pooper. I hate to rain on anyone’s parade and bring grown-up adult conversation into the middle of your de la Riva versus spider guard debate. However, this is extremely important.
How many of you know if you are covered if you’re injured while training or competing? What happens if you aren’t able to perform the required duties of your job? do you even HAVE insurance?
We take care with what we put in our bodies, make sure our gear is clean and our nails are trimmed… People get injured in this sport. I know from experience accidents, having serious and long term repercussions, happen. Take a minute to be sure that you’re body is covered “just in case.” For peace of mind, for stability of income and/or self-care.
Don’t be caught unawares. No-one likes to think about the what ifs, but in this case it’s extremely important to take care of YOU on all counts. It could shorten your recovery, lighten a stress load, and keep you in the game.

Andrea Harris trains Brazilian jiu-jitsu in the MA area. Currently a blue belt her focus is on competing this year. You can visit her fan page

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