Let’s Talk About Weight Baby! Let’s Talk About Gi/NoGi…

Ok! Here we go! The sun is shining, daylight saving has us a little more chipper… It’s no longer pitch black out at 4:30 in the afternoon and we can feel Spring coming (at least we HOPE so!). Along with these happy things comes runners and bikers on the streets and sidewalks; people pushing strollers, and thoughts of being beachbody ready.. GASSSP!!
For all of us brazilian jiujitsu practitioners weight has a different connotation. It places is in a specific class where we will compete against others for an end goal. We WANT that end goal to be us, standing on that podium… After having a stellar performance of course.
So I’m throwing it out there. “What’s your weight?” Isn’t necessarily the same as asking someone which weight class they will be competing in. People cut, they decide to diet or change their lifestyle in order to remain at a certain weight, or may decide to bulk up… And seriosuly, I’m starting to become peeved about this weighing in with the Gi.
“But why?” You ask. “It is part of the sport,” you say. Well I’ve been talking to people about this. And pondering this subject for some time. Does the weight of your Gi give you an advantage?? Does it somehow infuse you with magical jiujitsu skills? If you’re 220 for NoGi does it matter if you’re 224 in the Gi?
Things that make you go hmmmmmmmmm.
Now listen, maybe there’s reasoning behind the whole weighing in with your Gi. Far be it for me to question the way things have been done; are being done or will continue to be done. I’m just saying… And I’m sure there are those who would argue til blue in the face, but, shouldn’t your actual weight be your competing weight? Im just playing Devil’s advocate. Don’t shoot the messenger! That’s it, that’s all I’ve got for today.
PS: don’t we compete in the Absolute anyway? Sooooo that Gi weight.. It’s not helping anyone. Not Mackenzie Dern and not you or me!

Andrea Harris trains Brazilian jiu-jitsu in the MA area. Currently a blue belt her focus is on competing this year. You can visit her fan page

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