Ashton Kutcher & Craig Jones Got To Roll Together & Here’s The Video

Since he got his brown belt last October, many have questioned if movie star and all-around cool dude Ashton Kutcher could really roll. No footage of him in practice had ever surfaced, and rumors of a purposefully low intensity training program from Rigan Machado left doubts in the air.

Well, this video of Kutcher rolling with BJJ legend Craig Jones might put some of those worries to rest.

Posted earlier today on Jone’s Instagram account, the two are seen mid-sparring session accompanied by commentary from an onlooking Machado. The video only shows just over 90 seconds on their bout, and ends just as Jones appears to be setting up the truck on Kutcher.

While the match contained no upset victory for Kutcher, there’s still a lot to unpack here. Kutcher seems to have a very top-heavy game, repeatedly looking to pass the guard and keep Jones from using his guard. We got to see an early armbar attempt from turtle, but also a ton of good decision making as Kutcher defends the first back take by shaking out and getting to his feet. Though the pace of the fight makes this seem like more of a flow roll than live sparring.

With his grappling credentials at least partially explored, I think the next logical step is the formation of a celebrity-only bracket at the next ADCC.

(Laugh all you want, I know you’d still watch it.)


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