BJJ PRO Long Beach: Inside the Pyramid

IBJJF isn’t seeing as large of a turn-out,it seems, at the tournament track. The last few IBJJF venues I’ve attended registration deadlines have been extended. While we could pontificate as to the reasoning behind this, I’d rather talk about the upcoming BJJ PRO in Long Beach December 14th. The Pyramid is an awesome experience. The venue affords everyone perfect sight of what’s happening on the mats. There is something electric about the place, or maybe it’s the people. I loved competing there, and to date it’s my favorite yet! IF you go, you’ll never feel the same about BJJ. It fills you up and reaffirms that yes, yes! you are on the right path. Make sure to grab an acai bowl while you’re there, they’re almost as good as the ones in Brazil. The NY Pro pulled out black belts Gianni Grippo, Leandro Lo, Nathalia Amaral and Keenan to name a few. Long Beach will house black belts Magid Hage IV, Vinicius Agudo Silva (who took third in NYC), Carlos Terrhina and Mackenzie Lynne Dern, along with several others. Blue belt on up, there are sure to be some great matches.

No matter the size, you have to admit there’s always an “on the edge of your seat” anticipation at these events, and all the way up the ranks, everyone leaves it all on the mats. BJJ PRO this Saturday adds even more to the mix with the potential to win substantial cash prizes!


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