Jiu-jitsu Speak: Top Ten Words Newbs Should Know

Well guys and gals, I’ve got to tell you. It’s been quite the week! Long Beach BJJ Pro is almost here, UFC #181 with all its excitement has come and gone, there have been a ton of belt promotions all around the globe…and, oh yes! I was called out for saying Jits instead of Brazilian jiu-jitsu or jiu-jitsu! This did get me thinking… Is that like everyone saying bae, which when literally translated means poop?! Have I been, in my years of training and competing, “bro you train Jits?! Alright, sic!” fist bumping and back slapping ways, unwittingly been offending someone or “somemanys?” I thought that I finally had it down, that I understood how it worked and was fitting in! Dude! What if I have this all wrong? What if this social game is so much more complicated than I thought. It can’t be as difficult as that, can it? Don’t we have enough to figure out; what with jiu-jitsu being an ongoing learning process… So I thought I’d help out the newbies, because if I’m a “not so nice word” for saying Jits, (which BT-DUBS I’ve heard a lot of people say) and am feeling a little lost right now; imagine how all our first timers feel when surrounded by JIU-JITSU veterans. Dear first timers, beginners, what-the-heck-did-you-just-sayers, this is for you.
* OSS: ok, yes, I understand; general acknowledgment that you’ve heard the person speaking
* BREAKFALL: a specific way of landing so as not to catch yourself so as not to look like you’re doing a back smacker onto the mats, potentially injuring yourself
* SHRIMP: a hip movement to escape and create space
* GI: the attire in which you train
* DRILL: practicing a specific movement over and over again, there are drills which require a partner & solitary drills
* ROLL: a mock match where you’re paired with a teammate for a time frame and actually utilize what you’ve learned or are learning
* MOUNT: top position when your partner (in class) or opponent is under you, back flat
* SWEEP: when you are on bottom and use the technique taught to reverse position and gain top
* TAKEDOWN: a maneuver used to bring the opponent to the mat from standing position
* TAP: saying TAP or literally tapping your opponent to let them know yep, you got me & avoiding serious injury. Everyone taps. Learn TAP. There is no heroism in a broken bone or being choked out because you refused to TAP.
* NINJA KNOT: I know. You read it and think ok, obviously it’s a knot. And you would be correct. Err, but tying that belt isn’t so easy. And I had many a day when I had to slide up, inconspicuously, next to someone and watch them from the corner of my eye while they whizzed thru the tying of their belt.


So there you have it loves. The top ten (11)! I hope this helps with the beginner muddle head and confusion. I pretended, plowed my way thru and forged ahead. We all did. If you don’t know -ask. There are never stupid questions. Asking questions keeps you in the know, keeps you and your academy members safe, and keeps you coming back for more jiu-jitsu! As a matter of fact, I’ll be asking someone about the usage of “jits,” believe you, me. Now get to class and make sure you take some notes!


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