Jiu-Jitsu Summer, Sweat, Supplies!

Photo by: Blanca Marisa Garcia

It’s summer!! At least in my eyes! It’s time to break out the bikinis, beachwear, and train BJJ in the early morning hours!

I mean honestly, I’d prefer to live where it’s hot 75% of the time and warm 25% of the time (watch out Cali, I may be coming for you!)

That having been said, now that the warmer weather is upon us, it’s important to remember a few key things.

Now I know this may seem redundant as I’ve written several articles regarding staying fresh, but a little reminder never killed anyone. Besides, wouldn’t you prefer I write it here versus being “that guy or girl” at your school?!

So here we go:

Staph and ringworm and other ickies are NO JOKE. You train, you leave your school and do your thing. That’s cool man, honest it is.

But then you come back to train again and your gear has been in your hot car, gathering bacteria and stench.

Wash. Your. Stuff. Peeps. I cannot reiterate the importance of clean gear. Forget the smell. I’m talking basic hygiene here. (Another alternative is having a few gis and avoiding the constant laundry race).

On to body basics. Clean body, no Ickies. Trim nails, no accidentally gouging training partners with those claws you call finger or toe nails. Wear sandals or flip flops? Give those feet a little swipe to remove dust & dirt before hopping on the mats.

These things are just little common courtesies that prevent code red outbreaks and keep everyone training.

In speaking with several ladies and guys who train, they had much to add regarding this topic from personal ditties to product reviews.

Tips of the trade:

  • Eat clean. What’s clean inside won’t smell gross outside.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Please refrain from using perfumes, body sprays, colognes, etc. Aside from allergies, it’s hard to breathe when surrounded by a cloud of “product”
  • Body or face wipes can come in handy if training multiple times a day
  • All natural products with Tea tree oil or Eucalyptus work amazingly: defense soap, arm bar soap, homemade soap, Norwex body cloth, dry shampoo, all natural deodorants, Gladiator Soaps, antibacterial soaps, Downy unstoppables, Tide with Febreeze, Gain, hot water always!

Common sense? I mean, it only makes sense to make sure your body and gear is clean/

So enjoy the gorgeous weather, get your “train on,” and remember that cleanliness doesn’t require a black belt to the Xth degree. If you haven’t found something that works, sample the tried and true suggestions above.

Happy Rolling




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