Delusional Energy Shield Master Dares Martial Artist To Punch Him

Self-confidence is a good thing, but sometimes, having too much of it can lead to a painful experience. This is exactly what happened when a delusional energy shield master dares martial artist to punch him. The concept of an unseen force permeating the human body and being harnessed to perform physical feats has been a staple of various cultures. It may or may not be true, but in this specific case, it seems like the energy master may have to spend more time meditating.

Martial artists spend most of their lives learning how to hone their body. They spend countless hours perfecting their form so that their strikes can be as swift and as hard as humanly possible. In this particular scenario, it seems that the martial artists strikes were more than capable of shattering the energy shield master’s unseen defense. Perhaps if the two were to face off again sometime in the future, the results could be different.


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