Bo Nickal Wins By RNC In 1-Minute, Doesn’t Earn UFC Contract

Bo Nickal dominated his opponent and took a submission victory in nearly a minute flat, but still didn’t earn a UFC contract on Tuesday’s ‘Dana White’s Contender Series’.

In his fight, he secured the takedown within seconds- and a vicious one at that. His movement on the ground was spectacular, landing some ground and pound and locking up a standing guillotine while his opponent Zachary Borrego scrambled to his feet. The guillotine was tight, but he abandoned the submission for a more dominant position and took the back of his opponent. He didn’t rush to put his hooks in, but instead to the time to improve his position even further. As he crawled his hand to his opponent’s shoulder for an RNC grip, he stepped one of his hooks into place. From there, he didn’t wait to get under the chin, but instead locked up his RNC and squeezed right through the face of his opponent- earning a quick tap.

Bo Nickal didn’t save any words, and let all 185-pounders that they are now on notice, “I’m confident in my abilities, i know i can do that against anybody in the world.”

Nickal remains undefeated and has finished both of his opponents early in the first round, but Dana White decided not to give him the contract just yet, and instead told Nickal to come back to the Contender Series one more time, “He’s obviously one of the hottest prospects in the sport right now. He’s 2-0. So, what we’d like to do is offer Bo another fight here on the Contender Series. He wins that one, we’ll give him a shot in the UFC.”

Among the list of UFC contract earner’s on tonight’s event were Clayton Carpenter, Erik Sylva, and Jamal Pogues.


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