Bodybuilder Matthew Kline Kader At Cody Garbrandt’s Gym And Ready To Fight!

After a mad flurry of tweets, the bodybuilder-turned-brawler insists that he has arrived in Sacramento, California, where he is ready to take on reigning UFC bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt. Not only that, but Kader has challenged Garbrandt to a fight inside his own gym.

Bodybuilder Flying To Sacramento To Fight Cody Garbrandt At Team Alpha Male Gym

Far be it from me to editorialize in this space, but one would have to give Garbrandt the slight advantage in the event that this fight were to actually go down. For one thing (and I feel this bears repeating), the proposed venue is Cody Garbrandt’s gym. Let that sink in for a moment. For another thing, while Garbrandt’s fighting credentials are well-established, it is not clear that Matthew Kline Kader has ever even been in a fight. He does appear to wield certain muscles (through primarily for cosmetic effect), and through sheer stupidity, he may have the element of surprise in his corner. Still, an Instagram following does not a UFC fighter make, and one hopes that Kader has hired an Uber for the evening: should he happen to make it out of the gym alive, he certainly won’t be in a position to drive himself home.


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