Brazilian Child With Palsy Gets Promoted Via BJJ Outreach Project

Well, now I’m crying into my ice cream. Great.

The Projecto Social Apenas Um Filho (Just One Child Social Project) posted a video to Facebook yesterday featuring a very special young man being promoted in BJJ. The boy, Ronaldo according to the post, suffers from palsy and has been training with the Project for the past three years. As black belt instructor Valmir Silva Tatuador joined Ronaldo in a tearful embrace the front of the room, the rest of the class erupted into joyous applause.

The project, founded by Silva in 2015 according to the company Facebook page, was built to provide disabled and underprivileged children in Brazil the chance to train BJJ. Selling his car to buy mats and rent space, Silva has grown the program to include over 10 students with various disabilities and financial strains.

More information on the project can be found here.


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