Breaking News: MMA Fighter Yang Jian Bing Dies After Weight Cut For Event

Photo: ONE Championship

On December 11, Yang Jian Bing and Geje Eustaquio were set to compete against each other. The bout was supposed to take place at the Spirit of Champions event in the flyweight class. A shocking official announcement came the event, though: ONE Championship’s Yang Jian Bing dies after weight cut for event. Unfortunately, the 21 year-old fighter may have died due to heat exhaustion.

Jian Bing collapsed while cutting weight on December 10 in the Phillipines. He was sent to the hospital with symptoms of both dehydration and heat exhaustion. Before the event, the fighter struggled to cut weight to make the weigh-in requirements. Plenty of MMA fighters, both amateurs and professionals, take drastic actions to cut weight before a given event.

In fact, such action shave resulted in canceled bouts and even hospitalizations. ONE Championship didn’t mention the weight cutting in its official announcement, which is peculiar. Cutting methods have come under fire before, but it’s something that most fighters do in preparation for a weigh-in.


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