Bruno Fernandes On GSP: “He Is A Legitimate Black Belt”

Bruno Fernandes Recent Interview with Tatame

Bruno Fernandes is one of the best instructors at Gracie Barra Montreal. He has a PhD and he is an assistant professor to one of the best medical schools in all of Canada. He speaks four different languages and he is a BJJ coach for the former UFC champion George St. Pierre. While he handles all of his business he still has the time to travel the world and indulge in his passion for surfing. Fernandes is one of the best practitioners in the world, acting as a three times world champion brown belt who knows the field of jiu jitsu like no others. Many have expressed their doubts about the skill that this individual may have, but he has been backed by incredible names in the industry, saying that the style of jiu jitsu that he practices is legit.

"No doubt ( it is a legitimate black belt ) . He's already a black belt for over 6 years and it took quite to get there. Well before being famous he has practiced Jiu -Jitsu , including going to New York to train at Renzo Gracie academy with John Danaher and more. With or without kimono I'm sure he'd do against other competitors on the current circuit "


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