Chad Mendes: “McGregor Is One Dimensional Fighter, I’m More Well Rounded”

Photo/Youtube: UFC

With so much activity going on between the two heavyweights, all fans want to know: is Chad Mendes finally starting to get into Conor McGregor’s head before the matches? Many believe that McGregor is a master when it comes to mind games with his opponents, but Mendes had used the last press conference to poke at his opponent’s weight issues before the featherweight title fight was going to take place on Saturday night. This is now the second time in two days where McGregor had been asked about the comments that he had made. He had said that his opponent looked scrawny, and many fans had gathered to discuss what such a sudden verbal blow could mean for his opponent. No matter what his goal is, many are excited for the upcoming fight and still believe that anybody can walk away as the champion there.


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