Cain Velazquez On Why He Got The Brown Pride Tattoo

MMA fighter Cain Velazquez is popular for the huge “Brown Pride” tattoo that he has on his chest. Velazquez is obviously proud of his “Mexican” heritage, but he also feels as though his fans deserve more of an explanation about the Cain Velazquez tattoo. He recently discussed it with Vice Sports.
Velazquez says that he wears it to honor his dad, who worked very hard to get into America. His dad made many sacrifices to get the Velazquez family where they are today, so Cain sports his tattoo as a way of honoring him. Cain said that his dad is the biggest motivation for his tattoo.
Another reason for his tattoo is the pride he has in his achievements. As a child, he never saw any of his people make it into professional sports. The difficulties that his people endure make him that much more proud of his personal achievements as a professional MMA champion.


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