Replay: Fedor Emelianenko vs Fabio Maldonado

On June 18, 2016, Fabio Maldonado and Fedor Emelianenko faced each other in the main event of EFN 50. Emelianenko made a lively start, landing several strong punches that forced Maldonado back, while Maldonado was on the defensive. Nonetheless, Maldonado did manage to land a big shot of his own that floored Emelianenko.

In the second round, Emelianenko was dropped once more, although he got back up again quickly. With a minute to go in the round, both fighters looked tired. As the bell ending the round sounded, both men’s faces were bloodied.

In the third round, Maldonado landed some hurtful punches that pushed Emelianenko against the cage, although he was kneed in the body in the process. Then, Emelianenko hit Maldonado with a sweet hook, while Maldonado was throwing a flurry of punches. With fifty seconds remaining, Maldonado threw some big shots and Emelianenko returned fire. The official verdict was a majority decision win for Emelianenko, with scores of 29-28, 28-28 and 29-28.


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