Caio Terra

Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighter Caio Terra has achieved much in a relatively short time. The sometimes controversial champion holds a black belt, coaches other well-known fighters and ranks among the rooster-weight division’s most skillful contenders. He managed to become a global champion in this sport despite the fact he never trained or fought until 2003.

Terra grew up in Rio de Janeiro after his birth in 1986. He remained relatively small and other children took advantage of this to bully him in school. His mother compelled him to undergo martial arts training so he would be able to fight back. Although he rejected her idea at first, Terra began training at Fight Zone when he was 16.

The academy’s leaders Ricardo Vieira and Rodrigo Medeiros helped make it possible for him to become proficient at Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Despite some initial difficulties, he succeeded in earning a blue belt. Caio Terra still was not sure if BJJ was the right sport for him. Like many Brazilians, he also enjoyed playing soccer.

Instructors and fellow fighters urged him to start competing. He expected to lose but successfully defeated his first two opponents. Terra eventually fought Bruno Malfacine and lost despite performing admirably. Nonetheless, he had become more enthusiastic about jiu-jitsu and stepped up his training efforts. He reached the world championships by 2004 and came in second.

Terra switched to an academy run by Paulo Strauch after having a disagreement with Ricardo Vieira. He set up a mat in his house as well. Less than two years after he began learning about BJJ, Caio was already training novice fighters who visited his home. Practicing in his house for many hours also helped him develop his skills even more rapidly.

During the summer of 2006, Terra succeeded in earning a black belt. He achieved this more quickly than almost anyone else. Subsequently, it took him less than one year to win a gold medal at the world championships. He began teaching BJJ at a U.S. academy in 2007 and established his own martial arts training institute about four years later.

Today, his record features 69 total wins, including 41 by submission. He has held the World No Gi Champion title for eight consecutive years. Caio Terra also gained various state, national, Pan American and European titles between 2009 and 2015. Meanwhile, the renowned fighter’s brother and mother have become proficient in the sport as well.


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