Calvin Kattar Defeats Dan Ige In Main Event Of UFC Fight Night 172

Tonight’s UFC event was capped off with a pair of action-packed fights in the co-main and main event of the evening.

The co-main event was an action-packed flyweight brawl between Tim Elliott and Ryan Benoit.

Elliott began the fight pushing Benoit toward the cage, coming forward with strategically timed kicks. Benoit began to fire back about two minutes into the match and landed a solid kick, and despite a takedown attempt, the fight stayed on the feet. Elliot once again tried to work a takedown, but Benoit was able to defend and stay upright. Benoit landed a hit to the body, and Elliott came back with a takedown just before the round ended.

In round two, Elliott wasted little time in shooting for a takedown, eating a solid strike from Benoit in the process. Both fighters picked up the pace, and after a series of exchanged punches, Benoit went for a takedown and was caught in a choke from Elliot. As the two went to the ground, Elliott transitioned to mount as Benoit struggled to regain his guard. Benoit then went for a kneebar that looked like it might end the fight, but as he went to adjust, Elliott was able to loosen the hold and threaten a heel hook of his own. Elliott took the fight to the ground again just before the clock ran out, but neither fighter was able to finish the fight before the round ended.

The third round started with Elliott again controlling the center of the Octagon, landing a few solid elbows on Benoit before a failed attempt to get him to the ground. Benoit managed to get Elliott against the cage and scoop up a knee, and Elliott threatened a choke before the fighters broke apart. Elliott appeared to have a problem with a finger on his right hand and started to rely almost entirely on his left hand. Benoit seemed to note the injury and pushed forward harder, landing some heavy shots on Elliot’s head. Still, Elliott managed to push Benoit up against the cage and worked for the back, Benoit breaking free and getting in a few final strikes (including a knee) before the fight ended.

Tim Elliott took home the victory via unanimous decision.

The main event of the evening saw a steady, technical featherweight fight between Dan Ige and Calvin Ige.

Ige threw the first strikes of the fight, quickly bouncing back into the center of the Octagon. Both fighters took their time, exchanging a few strikes each before Ige went for an unsuccessful takedown. Ige stayed on the ground playing guard for a few moments before getting back up, ending up on the receiving end of a front kick from Kattar. Ige landed a solid body shot against Kattar, who was able to scoop up one of Ige’s legs and get him to the ground. Kattar pushed Ige back against the cage, resulting in a few strikes from both fighters that culminated in a heavy combo from Kattar just as the round ended.

Both fighters seemed more cautious at the start of the second round, landing only sporadic strikes for the first couple of minutes. Ige managed to hit a solid hook on Kattar, bloodying his nose. With about a minute left, Kattar pushed forward enough to land a couple of punches, barely missing Ige with a flying knee. Kattar pushed Ige back to the cage with a few seconds remaining, but neither fighter was able to capitalize on their positions before time ran out.

Both fighters picked up the pace in the start of the third round, with Kattar landing a hard leg kick against Ige. Ige pushed forward, but Kattar was able to avoid a number of shots from his opponent. Both fighters exchanged a number of kicks and punches throughout the round, keeping the fight on the feet until the end.

The fourth round opened up with a takedown attempt from Ige, who shortly thereafter was on the receiving end of a hard hit from Kattar. The fighters continued a patient, back-and-forth series of strike exchanges. Ige attempted a failed takedown and Kattar came for Ige with a knee that missed its mark in the final seconds of the round, and the fight went into its final five minutes.

Both fighters seemed to understand the closeness of the fight going into the last round, and Kattar pushed forward with big strike attempts. Ige slipped on a kick attempt and fell, but Kattar allowed him to get back up. With about two and a half minutes left, Ige scooped up a leg in the middle of a jump from Kattar and pushed him against the cage. Kattar got away and followed up by pushing Ige against the cage. In the final seconds of the fight, both competitors pushed the pace, Ige going for a takedown and Kattar ending up on top and raining down punches on his opponent.

The judges awarded Kattar the unanimous decision victory.


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