Catch Wrestling Scholarships

The Snake Pit in Wigan has announced that they will be offering scholarships to those grapplers who wish to learn Catch Wrestling, but are financially unable to do so.

In a recent blog post it was announced that the scholarship winners would have the opportunity to attend seminars free of cost, train with Roy Wood, and even be able to attend the11009200_10152613680995703_3577912339573000958_n school’s International Week.

The value of the scholarship is estimated to be over £1,000 ($1,442 USD). Roy Wood is the head coach for Snake Pit Wigan and has dedicated his life to wrestling.

Despite some resurgence in the Catch Wrestling community, there is a fear that it is still ultimately dying out. With a major grappling sport that has contributed as much as Catch Wrestling has, it would truly be a shame to see it go by the wayside.

1911709_1679722618922001_4224848203604593995_nThe scholarships are being offered in hopes that those selected for training will be able to not only help keep the art alive but that they will help it thrive as well.

If you are interested in the scholarship opportunity or would like more information, you can email If applying, be sure to express your interest and why you believe yourself to be deserving and what you plan to do for the art.

Let’s help make sure real wrestling stays alive.



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