BJJ Girl Valentines Day Gift Ideas

#1-Book a massage for her (Or give her one yourself.) Jiu Jitsu can be exhausting, it often leaves you sore, achy and stiff. A massage is exactly what she will need after a long week of training.

#2-Spats or a new rashguard. While sexy lingerie is always fun and appreciated, odds are your BJJ girl will be even more excited to see those Meertaksu grappling tights she’s been wanting….

#3-An instructional DVD from her favorite BJJ player. Cuddle up with your BJJ girl for a romantic movie night! Only instead of Ryan Gosling making valiant efforts to win over his womans heart, you’ll get Braulio Estima walking you through closed guard attacks.

#4-Grounders Soap products. Bath and Body Works just isn’t the same. A BJJ girl wants something she can use after a good hard training session that gets the job done.

#5-Gym bag. Ok so this one isn’t just a gym bag to the BJJ girl. To a BJJ girl this is what she will  use to carry her most valued possession-her gi. Essentially this is the BJJ girls purse. A new purse is guaranteed to make any girl happy, the BJJ girl just uses a different kind.

#6- A romantic BJJ getaway to the Dominican Republic! You and your BJJ girl get to train jiu jitsu with BJJ legends Cyborg and Rodolfo Vieira, stay in a 5 star resort and enjoy some beach time! Get your tickets now and be your BJJ girls hero!




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