Former Wrestler Attacked by Mountain Lion, Breaks its Neck: HOAX

CORRECTION: Upon further investigation, news outlets have determined that the claims made by Robin Olson are not accurate and are likely a hoax. We apologize for the incorrect information originally supplied in our article below:

Robin Olson was hiking around Prefumo Canyon when he wandered off the trail and was attacked by a mountain lion. In a flash of instinct, he grabbed the mountain lion by the neck and began to fight for his life. Ultimately, he broke the mountain lion’s neck in the ensuing fight.

It is recommended that a person not flee from wild cats, as they are ambush hunters and are used to chasing their food. They are more likely to attack when their victim runs. That said, we here at Jiu-Jitsu Times also don’t recommend attempting to break the neck of a mountain lion either.

Watch the video below for more information.



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