Condit’s Win Was Impressive, But He Does Not Deserve a Title Shot?

Carlos Condit made a successful return to action by defeating Thiago Alves via doctor’s stoppage. It was a beautiful display of violence by Condit. The “Natural Born Killer” battered Alves with all manner of strikes, and shattered his nose to end it. Even though it was an impressive win, the title shot talk has to stop. Sure, Alves is a great fighter, but he’s 2-2 in his last four fights. Both of Thiago’s wins since returning from injury have come against mediocre fighters.

And now let us take a look at Condit. He is 2-3 in his last five fights, but two of those losses were against high level competition, and his most recent loss was due to injury. However, a loss is still a loss, and I can’t support giving someone a title shot when they haven’t even strung together any consecutive wins. And he was not looking very good against Tyron Woodley before he blew his knee out. Condit needs to win two or three more fights before he gets a title shot.

There are a few exciting fights that I would like to see Condit in. A match up against Matt Brown would be an absolute barnburner. Both of them would go toe to toe, and we would get to see some very high level striking. A rematch with Tyron Woodley is another fight I would like to see. As stated above, Condit wasn’t doing so well against Mr. Woodley, so I would like to see them scrap again.

Being an exciting fighter works in Carlos’ favor. It is much easier to get a title shot if you can hype a fight, or put on an exciting fight. But giving him a title fight now would be ridiculous. Yes, I’m a fan of Condit, but he needs to earn his title shot.


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