Cub Swanson To Kron Gracie: “You Gotta Be a Student of the Game”

A few days ago, just before his decision loss to Cub Swanson at UFC Fight Night Tampa, Kron Gracie did some old school pontificating, reaching into the Gracie family playbook and commenting on how cross training grapplers are seen as traitors. And while Gracie did a solid job defending his perception of dat creonte lyfe–and what he saw as a “lack of loyalty” on behalf of Cub–Swanson thinks it’s that vintage approach to loyalty which contributed to Kron’s loss.

“In his day, which is old school, you stick it out with [a gym]. But we’re in the era of ‘you gotta learn what everyone knows.’ You gotta be a student of the game. You gotta travel. That’s what a real samurai does,” Swanson told MMAFighting after the match.

“My advice to him is travel. Go be humble. Go out and get as good as possible and train with everybody,” he continued. “If you stick at one gym you’re not going to grow.”

The complete interview can be heard here:


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