Dillon Danis Gifts Jiu-Jitsu To Bullied Kid in Viral Video

Image Source: Dillon Danis via Instagram

He’s been part of untold online and in person craptalk exchanges, but Dillon Danis still has a soft spot for bullied kids.

The relative Bellator newcomer and jiu-jitsu bad boy did some online good deeding this weekend. Broken hearted by a video of a young boy being bullied at school, Danis took to Twitter to try and learn the young man’s identity while decrying the kids ragging on him:

And it worked, apparently. According to a later update Danis did indeed connect with the victim via messenger, reaching out with an offer to pay for jiu-jitsu lessons and extending some sympathy for the bullying. No details on where exactly @keydayyoungan__ will be training, but it’s still a sweet gesture.

You don’t have to worry that Danis is going soft though. In the tweets leading up the anti-bullying PSA Danis calls someone a p****, then insinuates mixed martial arts needs him, so he’s still the guy you kind of think you know:


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