There’s a Mikey Musumeci Doc Coming Out and It Looks Motivating AF

Source: Kitt Canaria

Flograppling has released the trailer for its forthcoming documentary on Mikey Musumeci. A behind the scenes look into the three-time IBJJF world champion titled The New Guard, the film comes out October 23, and if you’re not the kind of person who quits when you see evidence of how crap your own jiu-jitsu actually is, it should be especially inspirational for grapplers practicing the littler guy’s approach to ground game.

Known as a cerebral and dexterous competitor, Musumeci first turned heads on the BJJ competition circuit as a juvenile, winning world titles through his teen years before bringing his berimbolo and suffocating crab ride to the adult divisions. (Sister Tammi was there with him, cementing the Musumeci name as one to fear in both gi and no gi.)

Of course the trailer includes the requisite orchestral underscoring and predictions of “GOAT” achievement, because jiu-jitsu docs have a stylebook these days, but for anyone doubtful they’ll achieve the mass of Gordon Ryan this lifetime it’s shaping up to be a must watch.

Here’s the trailer:


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