Daniel Cormier Vs Anthony Johnson In The Main Event Of UFC 187

Jon Jones was on Tuesday night arrested on a felony hit and run charge, forcing the UFC to strip him of his title. The news about Jon Jones stripped of title was announced on Fox Sports 1 by UFC president. According to Dana White, the light heavyweight title will still be up for grabs with Anthony Johnson, the leading contender, facing off with Daniel Cormier in the main event of UFC 187. Dana White said that despite the setback, the show must go on. Also made public by the UFC was the indefinite suspension of Jon Jones from the UFC community. After all, he needs to concentrate on his legal battles in the near future.

Jones was arrested and charged with fleeing the scene of an accident that resulted in death or serious personal injury, which is a felony. After the arrest, Jones was booked and taken to the San Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court, where he was released on a bail continuance.

While the judge did not give strict restrictions that would prevent Jones from fighting, the suspension will see him miss any future events, including UFC 187, unless the suspension is lifted.

Jon was identified as the driver of the vehicle by an off-duty police officer and a UFC fan.


Dana WhiteJon “Bones” Jones is suspended indefinitely & stripped of his title. UFC president Dana White explains the decision.via FOX Sports Live

Posted by UFC on FOX on Tuesday, April 28, 2015


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