Road to Metamoris: Episode 4 Recap and Match Breakdown

Episode four of Road to Metamoris is out now.

In case you missed the format of the tournament, it is as follows:

  • 16 competitors.
  • 4 groups of 4.
  • Round-Robin
  • Each match is 15 minutes long.Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 9.43.16 PM
  • Whoever gets the most submissions in the group, becomes that group’s finalist.
  • The four finalists create a new group which is then fought as a Round-Robin.
  • The winner faces Jeff Monson at Metamoris 6.

This week’s episode showed the matches from group #4. The episode in it’s entirety was just over 13 minutes long.

The competitors from group #4 are:

And here are how the matches played out:

Match #1: Tosh Cook vs Rico Rometta:

  • Both men hunt the takedown
  • Tosh shoots in; Rico sprawls and moves to side control; Tosh fights back to his feet.
  • Tosh attempts a headlock throw, but Rico trips him backwards and takes side control
  • Rico inexplicably stands back up, allowing Tosh to pull guard.
  • Rico passes to side, then to mount.
  • Tosh upas him off and leaps over his guard to take mount.
  • Tosh uses a paper-cutter choke to set up the americana.

RESULT: Tosh wins via Americana

Tosh vs Rico

Match #2: Matt Garber vs Kong Seraile

  • Both men grip fight well.
  • Matt grabs a snatch single and trips Kong backwards, taking side control.
  • Kong gets back to his feet and shoots a “John Smith” single at the edge of the mat; the ref stops the action and moves them both back to the center on their feet.
  • Matt grabs another snatch single, but momentarily tips backwards, allowing Kong to move behind him.
  • Kong beautifully traps one of Matt’s arms between his legs from the side of turtle position.
  • Kong continually attempts a choke/neck crank, but is using the wrong arm to try and finish it, allowing Matt to survive.
  • Kong lays back and attempts a bicep-slicer, but Matt pulls free and moves to side control, then to North-South where he secures a kimura.

RESULT: Matt via Kimura

Matt vs Kong

Match #3: Rico Rometta vs Matt Garber

  • Matt takes a quick, standing double leg and lands in Rico’s guard.
  • Long battle to pass.
  • Matt pressure passes to side control and “secures” a very loose straight armlock.

RESULT: Matt via straight armlock

Rico vs Matt

Match #4: Kong Seraile vs Tosh Cook

  • Tosh comes out hard, but Kong is having none of it and trips him backwards, landing in top side control.
  • Kong secures a neck crank.

RESULT: Kong via the “Kong Collar”

Kong vs Tosh

And that ends round four, leaving Matt Garber the winner of this round. Be sure to come back to see the final winner of Road to Metamoris.


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