Defend Yourself Against “Jerk-Jitsu” Villains With These Tweaks

“If something happens that’s unexpected [in a fight], think of it as your fault,” says Professor Dave of Kama Jiu-Jitsu, part time mat philosopher. “‘I should have known better. I should have placed my head in the right spot, or not been where their [strike] landed.'”

Earlier this week the Patreon Creator discussed a white belt question about “jerk-jitsu,” aka aggressive grappling which sometimes ignores competition conduct rules depending on rank and can hurt training partners. (Think neck cranks, heel hooks, mufflers, etc. during casual open mat sparring.)

Dave’s feeling is that there are no outright “jerk” moves in jiu-jitsu, just moves you have to get serious about learning to defend since all bets are off in street fights. In Part II of his vlog discussion, posted below, he gets into the specific details of how that defending should look.

Dave goes over using more protective positions, controlling extremities, closing distance so you cant get whacked by flailing elbows, and not putting your face somewhere where it can be head-butted. The other part, he says, is mental–ask yourself if the person who is being a jerk is doing it intentionally, or by accident, and if they’re jerking you up intentionally, never train with them again.

The full 15-minute discussion is valuable, give it a look:


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