Derrick Lewis & His Son Are “OK” After Front Yard Quad Bike Mishap

UFC fighter Derrick Lewis and his young son had a scary moment on the quad bike in their front yard, but thankfully, the landscaping bore the brunt of the damage.

The incident happened in Lewis’ front yard and was captured by a personal surveillance camera. The footage shows Lewis sitting on the quad and then helping his son up. The throttle gets hit, and the quad bike goes speeding into the small garden on the side of the house, destroying the foliage and retaining wall, spraying dirt everywhere, and nearly tipping over, but thankfully missing the truck and side of the house and staying upright.

Lewis shared the video on his Instagram and captioned it, reassuringly, with “We’re OK.” It was certainly a scary moment for the father and son, but they luckily made it out unscathed.

You can watch the video below:


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