Destroy People And Save Australia’s Koalas in One Step This Weekend

Feel compelled to submit humans but absolutely love animals? The Danaher Death Squad understands. They’ve been particularly discouraged by the environmental catastrophe happening in Australia the last few weeks, and want to do something about it.

With their big hearts and even bigger lats, John Danaher, Gordon Ryan, Craig Jones, Nicky Rodriguez, and Garry Tonon are all offering 20% of their BJJ Fanatics’ jiu-jitsu instructionals, with 20% of all sales going to assist the animal victims of this ongoing disaster down under:

The sale and donations are active this weekend only, so if you’ve been dragging your feet on learning the Blue Basement’s approach to leg locks, back takes, breaking down an opponent’s guard, or monologuing on kesa gatame, now’s the time to make your move. The planet, and your ground game, will thank you.

Shout out to the gentlemen and to BJJ Fanatics’ Michael Zenga for pulling the trigger on this support of some of Australia’s most gifted grapplers:


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