Does Jose Aldo Deserve a Rematch?

Former featherweight champion Jose Aldo has said that the only fight he will take is a rematch with Conor McGregor. Unfortunately, it seems that Dana White is not interested in making the match. This has many people asking if Aldo deserves a rematch after losing his title in 13 seconds. In my opinion he deserves the rematch that he is seeking. Aldo was the first featherweight champion in the UFC, and defended his title seven straight times. His only loss, before losing to McGregor, came very early in his career. His track record of excellence is one of the reasons I believe he deserves a shot to get his title back.

The second reason I think he deserves a shot is because of the way he lost. I’m not at all saying that the knockout was a fluke. McGregor has been calling his shots since day one, so I don’t think he just got lucky, but Aldo deserves the benefit of the doubt. A man who has competed at the highest level of the sport for such a long time is allowed to have an off night. If Aldo had been beaten down and lost a lopsided decision, then I would be more in favor of him not getting a second crack at McGregor. But that isn’t the way it went down. Sometimes you get caught, but Aldo deserves the chance to prove that he is a better fighter than the one that showed up against McGregor.

Lastly, I think the UFC owes him a rematch. They have mistreated him for so long that I think the least they can do is give him a rematch. Aldo has said before that he was not satisfied with his pay. That is not something that you want to hear from a fighter who was once considered the pound for pound best fighter in the world. Dana White also made some pretty rude remarks about Aldo’s injury that caused him to pull out of the first McGregor fight. I know that the UFC is not known for treating fighters well, but it has been a little shocking watching the way that they treat Aldo. Giving him a rematch would set things right.


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