What Happens When This Guy Tries To Survive 3 Minutes With Michelle ‘Karate Hottie’ Waterson?

At present, Michelle Waterson is a successful UFC Strawweight fighter. A recent promotion with Onnit pit a man in the ring with Waterson for three minutes. If he could survive, then he’d win a stack of hundred dollar bills. Certain restrictions were placed on the man, including no strikes or takedowns. He couldn’t run away from Waterson in the match, either.

Surprisingly, he managed to survive the ordeal without too much damage. A full facemask for him and boxing gloves for Waterson probably helped him a bit. He’ll definitely feel some of those kicks and punches later on, though. Then again, the cash will help him deal with any aches and pains from the bout. Waterson would have given him a more notable beating in an actual MMA bout, but he performed above expectations nonetheless.


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