Doomsday Clock Ticks Ominously Forward As Dana White Expresses Interest In Justin Bieber Vs. Tom Cruise Fight

Image source: Justin Bieber via Instagram/ Greg2600 via WIkimedia Commons

Raising the question of “Are we truly alive or just trapped in martial arts hell for doing too many wristlocks?”, Dana White has expressed legitimate interest in a fight between singer Justin Bieber, 25, and actor Tom Cruise, 56.

In a video interview with TMZ, White seemed to imply that the possibility for this fight happening was greater than many of us had originally thought: “Lots of people will talk about fighting someone in the UFC… whether it’s NFL players or celebrities… so obviously, I saw it like everybody else did and didn’t pay much attention to it. It picked up a lot of steam… I’m not going to say any names, but I’m just going to tell you that I got a phone call from a couple of real guys who said that they really want to do this fight and they believe Tom Cruise would do the fight… If that’s true and everybody involved in this thing really wants to do it, we can talk.”

As to whether or not it would be an easy fight to sell, White seemed pretty confident. “I’d be an idiot not to make this fight… It would be the easiest fight to promote in the history of my career.”

Another article from TMZ reported that a call between the co-CEO of the William Morris Endeavor agency (which owns the UFC) and Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, had taken place. Apparently, everyone involved from the UFC and Bieber’s side of things really wants to make this happen. Tom Cruise, however, still has yet to respond to the challenge.

All this started because of a tweet that Bieber sent out that challenged Cruise to an MMA fight because, I dunno, what else is there for super-rich people to do on the internet anyway? Bieber then told TMZ that he was “just playing” and that Cruise would “whoop his a*s in a fight,” but as the mere existence of this article plainly shows, nothing means anything anymore and we might have an actual UFC fight between Justin Bieber and Tom Cruise in the future.


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